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Talim Department AMA UK invites you to the
Student Experience 2014 in Bradford

Student Experience 2014

24th - 26th October

Venue: Al-Mahdi Mosque, Bradford (directions)

Specially designed and tailored for students by students. This is where we hope the future scholars will unite! Where innovation will surely reside and where creativity will conquer all hurdles!

A city surrounded by the hills of peak district on one side and the mountains of Lake District on the other! There is a buzz in the air, like the sound of a fast approaching train, in anticipation we wait for October 24th, when the City of Bradford will play host to an event, first of its kind.

We, with, open arms invite you to the Student Experience 2014.

With talks and activities tailored specially for you the student. You have the opportunity to not only attend talks about how to become a great student but you would be enrolled into a roller coaster of activities, including hiking, canoeing, climbing, movie making, discussions, stargazing…and… eating lots of delicious food to name a few. This is an experience you will not forget. So sign up now on and join on the 24th October 2014.

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